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Our IT Management Consulting services span five areas of focus designed to assist you in making informed decisions regarding technology selection and implementation. The Preo Group, LLC will assist you in strategic planning, product selection and the implementation of new technologies within your environment.

  • Strategic Planning:
    Developing a 3 to 5-year strategic plan aligning IT service delivery with the goals and objectives of your business.

  • Infrastructure Assessments:
    Documenting and cataloging infrastructure and application elements you have currently deployed; providing information deemed vital to the growth and management of IT infrastructure components.

  • Technology Assessments:
    Facilitating the research and evaluation of technologies considered for deployment within your data center.

  • Security Assessments:
    Assessing your security programs and testing your systems and applications, helping you identify gaps in your environment that create risk
    to develop a stronger security posture to confidently meet your compliance requirements.

  • Resource Skills Assessments:
    Evaluating and developing the career of IT staff members, highlighting the current technical skills of staff to assure the IT organization has the appropriate talent and skills to address current and future technologies.

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